Home Renovation, Boom Questions

Home Renovation, Boom Questions

Boom for applications for grants for home renovation.¬† Not only that, almost everywhere, the resources made available by the Province which had predicted a lower number of questions in the wake of the previous contract ended in a disappointing, are already exhausted, before they have even closed the terms. The ban, which started last June, had to end at the end of last month. Then the province has extended the deadlines that now expire at the end of this month. (more…)

House Renovation: Where To Start?

When you decide to remodel your home it is important to have clear ideas about what to do and how to do, on time and cost. Whether you decide for the “do-it-yourself”, or we would rely on a specialist is also important to know that some costs are deductible on your tax return .

Day Interior Design

Furniture and Interior Decoration for Living Room: the luxury and exclusivity of the material combined with the professionalism¬† A & F for the design and installation. (more…)